Wednesday, July 21, 2010


First let me introduce myself, I'm Ashlee. I decided I wanted to start reviewing clothes that I buy because I'm not your average girl. I'm tall AND plus size! I know shocking! Apparently clothing makers don't think we exist, but we do! Lol
I'm 6' 2” which is about 188 cm, which makes my inseam about 34” and I'm an American size 22/24, OMG yes I did say my size!!
I am an American, but I currently live in Germany and they oddly enough don't have many plus size stores here, so I do all my clothes shopping online. That's why I wanted to start this, since I'm buying everything online I wanted to review the things I buy.

I decided on the title because I have been called an Amazon since I was a teenager. I have been 6' 2" since I was about 15. Amazon women were said to be some of the tallest women to have ever lived, I wear the name with pride. They were also said to be beautiful and strong women.

So welcome to my blog/review page. I hope you enjoy and find this to be helpful


  1. Welcome to the awesome world of blogging. Be sure to put this on your signatures on all your sites like Craftster and such.


  2. I guess you are no longer blogging about height related issues?